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The instruction applies to all navy active duty, full time support and reserve duty personnel. This instruction was last updated in december of 2019. Navpers 1610 4 795, request for performance summary record is available in the bupers cdrom. The submission of performance evaluations is governed by the navy performance evaluation system manual evalman, bupersinst 1610.

Reports missing the reporting seniors signature, will be rejected. Nmci computers the driver is a part of the navfit98 install. Navpers title stock number 1070879 microfiche request form 0106lf0156600 rev. Reviewing this instruction in its entirety prior to submitting reports will assist the command or individual service member in their preparation of these documents. Evaluation chiefeval navpers 16102 fitness report and counseling. Develop this brag sheet, of your performance, over the past three months. The rater for personnel e1e4 can be an e6 or civilian equivalent gs5. For personnel e5e6, the rater should be a navy cpo whenever possible, but if none is available within the command, the rater may be a military or civilian supervisor who. Learn 1610 navy bupersinst with free interactive flashcards. Choose from 286 different sets of 1610 navy bupersinst flashcards on quizlet. The following forms may be obtained through the navy supply system using procedures contained in navsup p2002. Report control symbol bupers 16101 has been assigned to the reports required by paragraph 3 and is approved per secretary of the navy.

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